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To STP or not to STP

Folding-cupAs a transguy with minimal genital alteration down there, standing to pee is something that I wish I could do, but simply can’t. Not unless I take off my pants completely or use some sort of synthetic device to help me. Enter Stand to Pee devices. There’s a whole market for these and lots of transguys of use them. I’ve considered buying them but:

1) I’m cheap


2) I don’t like to carry stuff with me

Few things would make me blush more than to have my STP device discovered at, say, an airport security checkpoint or at a border crossing during a search. It’s one of the reasons I don’t take a Freshette with me or any of the other products on the market. I just don’t trust that it’ll remain between me, myself and I.

I’ve gone for more home-made devices, like using a funnel (not the right shape/pee angle ratio), or cutting out a circular disc from a coffee lid and bending it as required.
But none of these solutions make me feel empowered.

So here’s an idea for anyone out there who wants to help the trans community.

Design a camouflage STP device. I.e. a device that, if someone found it, they would think it was something else. Heck maybe it can even be something else!

My suggestion? Make it look like a collapsible cup. You know, one of those folding cups you can take on camping trips or tie to your key chain. Small, compact, and ready for use.

And once you’ve turned this into something real, send me a prototype to try out.

Just an idea.


sxc_1389756_busA phone app that let’s you buy a bus pass electronically. As with Groupon, you’d scan in the barcode as you climb on board.┬áNo more coins, monthly cardboard bus passes, booklets of tickets. A public transit solution for the digital age.

Hey here’s an idea

The conceptual artist Dario Robleto writes “there’s a beautiful philosophy in knowing a universe exists in the scraps around you, if you just know how to access it or tease out new, hidden meanings”.

I love this image of the world around us being a scrapyard from which we can build something truly original and authentic. So, in this spirit, I’m creating a new category for my blog. The Idea List. Here I will list random ideas, thoughts, inspirations as they occur.

Who knows, maybe one of these ideas will lead to something.