Wish list

LeafSometimes just putting something out there makes the universe shift. The sheer act of verbalizing holds power, and the act of dreaming is key to keeping us moving forward. In that spirit I hereby offer a list of activities that I would like to realize before I die. Here goes:

– Buy a round the world ticket and travel for a year

– Raise a child

– Publish a book

– Bike across Canada

– Run a marathon

– Learn a martial art

– Get a Master’s degree

– Own (and drive) an electric car

– Learn to speak Spanish

– Become a teacher

What are ten things you want to do in this lifetime?


2 thoughts on “Wish list

  1. Jamie Ray

    In no particular order:
    Travel to Japan, get a second dog, get top surgery, cook more dishes from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, finish therapy, reconcile with my brother, pick up a guitar again, have a best friend (other than/in addition to my partner), be generous, retire from my civil service job with a pension and benefits.


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